Are you ready to embody the most magickal, magnetic, and aligned version of you once and for all?


✨ You're in the right place ✨


One of the most common things we hear all. the. time. is...

"I know I'm meant for something great... I just can't figure out what that is exactly. I feel kind of lost."


"It's like I keep living the same mundane year over and over on repeat knowing something needs to change. I want to manifest an amazing life, but I feel stuck."


Can you relate?

Introducing: Activate Your Magick

Your ULTIMATE Pathway to Divine Clarity and Radiant Inner Power ðŸ’«

If your answer to "can you relate" was UMMM YES GIRLS UR READING MY MIND, then Activate Your Magick is designed for you. 

In this 9 week transformational self-paced program, we will help you go from feeling lost and unaligned to bubbling the f*ck over with crystal clear clarity and magickal new levels of inner empowerment so you can actually make magick and manifestation WORK FOR YOU.

We're SO good at teaching on divine clarity in the context of manifestation because we've been where you are.  

Not so long ago, we were feeling burnt out, confused, and aching for more as we clocked in and out building someone else's dream.

Our souls just knew there was something else for us out there, just like you probably feel in yours.

Through our unique approach to mindset, magick, and manifestation, aka every single foundational tool we teach inside this program, we made it to the other side.

(BTW - It feels reallllly juicy, expansive, and FUN over here! Think: limitless possibilities, next-level confidence, magick at our fingertips... ðŸ’)

In addition to our personal experience, we've helped so many women enter this program with question marks floating around their hearts and walk away with immense amounts of "I know exactly who I am, exactly what I want, and exactly what I need to do next." 

Activate Your Magick Includes...

LIFETIME access to our powerful self-guided, self-paced program divided into 9 transformative weeks.

Plus ALL the EPIC BONUSES you'll soon learn about! 

✨ Week 1: Activate Your Frequency âœ¨

Get excited for a deep dive into the vibrational universe, what living in alignment truly means, and integrating magickal daily practices in your life that actually work! Vibrations, frequencies, quantum magick.. we make it all SO simple to understand so it finally clicks.

✨ Week 2: Activate Your Desire ✨
It's time to dig in and unearth your deepest desires. The ones your soul has been yearning to bring forward. During this week, you’ll make a powerful commitment to yourself like never before (get excited, babe 😍) and learn how to set unshakable intentions.


✨ Week 3: Integration Week #1 ✨
The energy is shifting BIG time. As you begin to embody your downloads and breakthroughs from the first two weeks of the program, melt into the magick of a nourishing group reiki healing replay, a guided tapping exercise, a dreamy guided meditation, and more.


✨ Week 4: Activate Your Intuition ✨
We're obsessed with this week. Did you know you've been psychic all along? It’s time to meet your ego, your intuition, the Spirit world, your unique psychic clairs, and learn what it means to truly live intuitively. We also share how to overcome common intuition blocks and guide you through boundaries and protection as you navigate new depths of your inner world.


✨ Week 5: Activate Your New Truth ✨
This week is BIG. Emotional. Powerful. Ahh! It’s time to finally let go of what no longer serves you. POOF. This week takes courage, and your time is NOW. Let’s move through fears, limiting beliefs, and forgiveness while you bravely re-write your story. This powerful week is an alumni fave.


✨ Week 6: Integration Week #2 âœ¨
Allow surrender and forgiveness to flow you through you as you integrate the huge ah-ha moments from the past two weeks. Then pull up a front row seat to a cord cutting ritual sure to give you big chills in the best way. It's time to leave the past BEHIND for good.


✨ Week 7: Activate Your Soul’s Purpose âœ¨
Baby, you're a FIREWORK. It's all been leading up to this epic moment. Ignite and explore your unique and profound divine purpose in this illuminating week. We’ll dig deep to discover who you are, why you are here, and what kind of legacy you want to create. We LOVE week 7!!


✨ Week 8: Activate Your Inner Witch âœ¨
Your gorgeous inner witch is ready to make life MAGICKAL AF! In week 8, we guide you through the principles of manifestation and show you how you can create the DREAM life you’ve discovered throughout the course of the program. We also unpack the 12 universal laws, riff on embodiment, and guide you through a highly-implementable Goal Setting Workshop.


✨ Week 9: Integration Week #3 âœ¨
Pour the champagne and draw a bubble bath, bb! You’ve made it to the end of this life-changing program! Celebrate how far you’ve come, and join us for a Manifestation Spell Jar step-by-step guided replay. The foundation you've been craving has been set. YOU CAN BUILD ANYTHING UPON IT 🤩

And don't even get us started on the bonuses... 

PLUS instant LIFETIME access to these EPIC BONUSES! 🔥 

💋 Sadie's Hot Juicy Guide to Sex Magick
Is it hot in here or just you manifesting?

⚡️ Juliet's Confident Goddess Masterclass 
Tap into soul-level divine confidence!

🎧 DREAMY Guided Meditation Collection

🔥 The Alchemy Vault

Handpicked masterclass replays from our monthly membership the Alchemy Collective including...  
- How Mediumship Works Masterclass 
- Manifestation and the Magick of Meditation
- Cord Cutting and Manifestation Ritual
- Sex Magick and (Self) Love Spell
- Deity Work Masterclass 
- Elemental Magick Masterclass 
+ 2 guided tapping videos and 2 guided meditations!

🔮 Basic Witch 101: An Introduction to Witchcraft 

This mini-course will be your new witchy go-to!! Sadie's simple and empowering approach to everyday magick (i.e. learning how to make the mundane magickal AF so witchcraft becomes a natural part of who you are and how you BE) has inspired hundreds of confident witches worldwide! 

PLUS 2 FREE months inside The Alchemy Collective! 🔥 

📲 Approx. 10-12 LIVE calls!
Join us for powerful masterclasses and integration sessions focused on intuitive development, witchcraft and magick, and mindset and manifestation to support your AYM journey!!

⚡️ Mentorship Opportunities 
Get your most pressing questions answered by us directly either during calls or in our amazing Discord!

👯‍♀️ Community & Accountability
Connect with other magickal babes discovering their divine purpose and manifesting BIG epic dreams! 

🔥 ALLL the replays!
Yep. 40+ hours worth!



Ready to manifest money at juicy new levels? Your inner rich witch is calling, bb! It's time to de-code the energy & frequency of money and transform your relationship from feeling stressed every time you peek into your bank account to feeling SO safe, SO supported, and SO F*CKING ABUNDANT 🔥🔥🔥 This bonus is a HUGE alum fave! 

This bonus disappears when the clock runs out! 

We invite you to take a moment to imagine what's possible for you...


💖 What would it be like to wake up every morning feeling deeply rooted in your purpose?

💖  To move through life knowing exactly how to use magick & manifestation to build your dream life?

💖  To no longer struggle with uncertainty and instead tap into the frequency of the life you were born to create?
🪄 We want you to know you can really have it all. 

Are you ready to discover divine clarity...
& feel more epically aligned than ever?


8 Monthly Payments of $99 

One Full Payment of $777


When the clock runs out, this program returns to the full price of $1111!


Why are we the witches to help you activate your magick? 

LOTS of reasons, babe! For starters...

Sadie Olson (@iamsadieolson) is an expert at making energetic alignment for witchy babes *irresistibly* simple. She's here to help YOU

  •  Demystify the mystical
  •  MELT into meditation
  •  Claim your drool-worthy intentions
  •  Understand ur gorgeous vibrational frequency
  •  & Shift your energy quickly like a sorceress!

Pair her magick with that of artist Juliet Piper (@juliet.piper)your go-to goddess for taking bold action and manifesting “impossible” things in the 3D world like magick. She's here to help YOU...

  •  Take courageous AF inspired action 
  •  Passionately dance outside your comfort zone (and make it FUN)
  •  Celebrate the imperfect, messy risks on your journey
  •  Move with divine confidence 
  • & Become braver and more resilient than ever before!

  • Together, we've helped hundreds of witchy babes go bigger and deeper in their unique inner magick in all sorts of ways... from finally launching their dream businesses to sharing their art to making huge, courageous decisions toward their happiness.

Want even more deets? Gladly 💫

In 2020, we were burnt out retail workers together 😅 (that's how we met!) who had just discovered this word called manifestation...

 Fast forward 3 years, and our lives have completely turned upside down thanks to our unique methods of mindset, magick, and manifestation. Since then...

🥹 We became full time witchy manifestation mentors living our DREAMS daily

🎙️ We independently built a ⭐️TOP-CHARTED PODCAST⭐️ in 10+ countries!

🔮 We developed our intuitive gifts and became professional psychics, doing readings at VIP celebrity events & even getting booked to film for tv shows. 

🤯 We manifested a reality television development deal with THEE BIGGEST reality company in the world. Wut?!

💖 We called in a powerful community of witches from all over the world 

🌲 We hosted the most incredible sold-out retreat for witches in a rural luxurious lakefront cabin!

✈️ Sadie manifested her DREAM of traveling internationally for 6 months in 2023!! We also worked at thee biggest event venues in the USA in NYC and Vegas!

🔥 We independently designed and printed our TWO gorgeous oracle decks!! 

📖 We're currently dreaming up a book... 

❣️ ALL THIS JUICINESS without a manager, an investor, an agent, advertising (we tried, but got blocked due to witchcraft LOL), or a production company supporting us. We are two very ordinary girls who believed in ourselves.

Just like we believe in YOU. 

We know how to shine a light on divine purpose. And here's the thing...

Our students who've gotten the BIGGEST and most EPIC results? 

They recognized a bolder, more magickal version of THEMSELVES in our brave and unapologetically glittery expression… and somehow knew that hanging out in our sparkly orbit would bring their own inner empowered witch out of hiding and into the spotlight.


If that’s you, it would be our F*CKING HONOR to be your mindset, magick, and manifestation mentors inside of Activate Your Magick!



When the clock runs out, this program returns to the full price of $1111!


8 Monthly Payments of $99 

One Full Payment of $777