It's time to normalize "holy-sh*t-this-works" magick in your life.

Hop on your broomstick, gorgeous,
 and let's take a ride into the not so distant future...

It’s exactly 12 months from now…

You’re looking back on the year

IN AWE of how your LIFE has transformed. 🤯🤯🤯

Here's what changed...

  • Your deepest desires and intentions?

    BOOM. Manifested. ðŸ’¥

  •  Your intuition?

    Stronger than ever. 🔮

  •  Your witchcraft practice?

    Next f*cking level. 💫


    WHOA. It. all. finally. clicked. 🔥🔥🔥


    You went bigger and deeper with your inner magick and took brave AF inspired action like never before. Your mindset flourished, and you manifested "impossible" things.

    And you had thee time of your life doing it... 


You spent the BEST year of your life...

  • Learning how to make manifestation work for YOU 💥

(and then watching it work over & over again)

  • Dancing through your kitchen as you cleansed energy, body-rolled by the fridge, & cast epic spells 🔮
  • Committed to a juicy and powerful high-vibe daily practice that made your higher self say 


  • Awakening your natural inner psychic so clarity came SO easily and effortlessly. You always knew exactly what to do next. 💅🏻


And perhaps the most exciting?


 Like an alchemist, you transformed your life into GOLD.

You finally claimed the deeply empowered witch you've always been. 

And the world felt it.

Being on this frequency and manifesting with ease became as "normal" as brushing your teeth.

And with that... 

😮‍💨 ðŸ˜®‍💨 ðŸ˜®‍💨 

All the anxiety, second-guessing, frustration, and insecurity you used to feel around wondering if you're "doing it right," imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and feeling like magick just isn't "working" for you...




It feels like a very distant memory...

And in its place is the loudest, clearest, most intuitive, loving voice you've ever tapped into. A voice that guides you straight toward your desires. You feel real magick and possibilities at your fingertips every. single. day.


...and you feel the most like YOU you ever have. 




The words "impossible" and "realistic" don't exist in our world. AND IT WOULD BE OUR HONOR TO HELP IT NO LONGER EXIST IN YOURS...

Introducing... The Alchemy Collective

An EPIC Monthly Membership to Quantum Leap Your Witchy World

Each month you receive...

(Brace yourself! When you think you've finished the list... there's more!) 

Epic Mindset & Manifestation Codes

 ðŸ“² 1 LIVE ALCHEMIST MASTERCLASS CALL (60 min, 1x/month)

Think: A Powerful AF hour of life-changing Mindset & Manifestation guidance, education, and LIVE mentorship from Sadie & Juliet. Learn how to manifest with purpose like a goddess and grow your mindset like a juicy dripping peach tree overflowing with fruit. 😍

Each month has a different focus that corresponds with the energies of the new and full moons and seamlessly builds on lessons from the month before. Mark your calendar and be part of the LIVE energy! + Replays always available!


 ðŸ“² 1 LIVE ALCHEMIST MASTERMIND CALL (60 min, 1x/month)

Think: “Let’s integrate this sh*t together” party!

It's one thing to listen and learn during a masterclass. It's a whole other level to mastermind with us and like-hearted Alchemists. After a brief guided grounding meditation, let's dive deep together in a safe space as we explore what we're experiencing in relation to the month's themes, including the raw and real challenges and confetti-popping celebrations. This is THEE place to receive personalized, in-depth LIVE mentorship. Please note: Not everyone is guaranteed live mentorship at every call. Mark your calendar, and let's shift some big energy! Replays always available.


Our private mini pod exclusively for the Alchemy Collective! Drop into a growing library 10-20 minute inspiring AF riffs filled with GOLD nuggets on all things mindset & manifestation!


Juicy Masterclass replays, guided tapping videos, and dreamy meditations at your fingertips 24/7!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Intuitive Psychic Development



Pull up a front row seat for a monthly masterclass that explores everything from mediumship to divination tools to ego to spirit guides to SO much more mystical goodness! If you've ever wanted to develop your natural psychic abilities, this was MADE for YOU! 

Mark your calendar, and be part of the LIVE energy! + Replays always available! 



Let's develop our intuition in real time, bb. During an integration session, we'll use different methods and techniques to practice raising our vibration, moving through ego blocks, deepening our psychic gifts, and connecting with our Higher Selves. We even do live real-time readings with one another. You'll be buzzing!

Mark your calendar, and be part of the LIVE energy! Replays always available. 


A huge favorite! Once a month, develop your psychic and intuitive skills in a safe, supportive environment with a practice photo reading (always done with consent). Plus, receive deeply valuable feedback and guidance as you discover your intuitive gifts!



All Masterclass replays, guided tapping videos, and dreamy meditations at your fingertips 24/7 focused on intuitive development!

You didn't think we forgot witchcraft, did you? 😍

Next Level Witchcraft
Meet Your New Coven


📲 1 LIVE NEW MOON RITUAL (60 min, 1x/month)

Every month within 3 days leading up to the new moon, we gather in sacred witchy community for a transformative ritual inspired by the moon's energy. Each moon is unique, and no two coven gatherings are the same! We'll chat about the messages of the new moon, set intentions, cast a spell together, and melt into a one-of-a-kind guided meditation. 

Mark your calendar, and be part of the LIVE energy! + Replays always available! 


 ðŸ“² 1 LIVE FULL MOON RITUAL (60 min, 1x/month)

Every month within 3 days leading up to the full moon, we gather in sacred witchy community for a transformative ritual inspired by the moon's energy. Each moon is unique, and no two coven gatherings are the same! We'll chat about the messages of the new moon, write out what we're ready to release, cast a spell together, and melt into a one-of-a-kind guided meditation. 

Mark your calendar, and be part of the LIVE energy! + Replays always available! 



All Masterclass replays, follow along spells, collective card pulls, and dreamy meditations at your fingertips 24/7 focused on your witchcraft journey!

Everything you just read? It's all woven together brilliantly to support, activate, and inspire YOU.

Hold up, no f*cking way there's more.. 

You bet there's more!



🎁 BASIC WITCH 101: An Introduction to Witchcraft
($55 value)

This mini-course is the bread & butter! The foundation! Sadie has created thee go-to resource that simplifies witchcraft forevermore. You'll thank us later!



Share your journey will fellow loving, supportive witches... and US! This is where you'll discover true accountability, be able to ask us your mentorship questions, and share your experience every step of the way. We'll be in the chats most days to keep the magick flowing and support you on your path! 


We LOVE spoiling our Alchemy Collective members with big perks!!

Enjoy unlimited access to EVERYTHING on this page for as long as your Alchemy Collective Membership is active!

Are you ready to make "holy-sh*t-this-works" magick a non-negotiable in your life?

All this GOLD for only $88/month.
Pay for a year in full at $888 and get 2 months free! PLUS a private session with us ($333 value)!


Get ready to learn how to...

  • Infuse your spell work and LIFE with powerful results-driven magick
  • MELT into energy-shifting meditation like butter 
  • Make those icky limiting beliefs SO yesterday (if it's over, let it go and when you wake up...🎶) 
  • Script out your year ahead to make this your best year EVER!!
  • Manifest your desires like a GODDESS
  • Take consistent brave inspired aligned action in your life 
  • Learn how to turn sh*t into gold (resilience work, bb)
  • Be a bada$$ lucky witch
  • Close the gap between the present you and your highest self you (hellooo, you are SO ready!) 
  • Tap into yummy vibrational frequencies that feel like champagne in a bubble bath
  • Deepen your unique psychic abilities to powerful levels 
  • Honestly... You'll become THAT witch 🪄

Why are we the witches to do LIFE with? 

LOTS of reasons, babe! For starters...

Sadie Olson (@iamsadieolson) is an expert at making energetic alignment for witchy babes *irresistibly* simple. She's here to help YOU

  •  Demystify the mystical
  •  MELT into meditation
  •  Claim your drool-worthy intentions
  •  Understand ur gorgeous vibrational frequency
  •  & Shift your energy quickly like a sorceress!

Pair her magick with that of artist Juliet Piper (@juliet.piper)your go-to goddess for taking bold action and manifesting “impossible” things in the 3D world like magick. She's here to help YOU...

  •  Take courageous AF inspired action 
  •  Passionately dance outside your comfort zone (and make it FUN)
  •  Celebrate the imperfect, messy risks on your journey
  •  Move with divine confidence 
  • & Become braver and more resilient than ever before!

Want even more deets? Gladly 💫

In 2020, we were burnt out retail workers together 😅 (that's how we met!) who had just discovered this word called manifestation...

 Fast forward 3 years, and our lives have completely turned upside down thanks to our unique methods of mindset, magick, and manifestation. Since then...

🥹 We became full time witches living our DREAMS daily

🎙️ We independently built a ⭐️TOP-CHARTED PODCAST⭐️ in 10+ countries!

🔮 We developed our intuitive gifts and became professional psychics, doing readings at VIP celebrity events & even getting booked to film for tv shows. 

🤯 We manifested a reality television development deal with THEE BIGGEST reality company in the world. Wut?!

💖 We called in a powerful community of witches from all over the world 

🌲 We hosted the most incredible sold-out retreat for witches in a rural luxurious lakefront cabin!

✈️ Sadie manifested her DREAM of traveling internationally for 6 months in 2023!! We also worked at thee biggest event venues in the USA in NYC and Vegas!

🔥 We independently designed and printed our gorgeous oracle decks!! 

📖 We're currently dreaming up a book... 

❣️ ALL THIS JUICINESS without a manager, an investor, an agent, advertising (we tried, but got blocked due to witchcraft LOL), or a production company supporting us. We are two very ordinary girls who believed in ourselves.

Just like we believe in YOU. 

We know how to make magick & manifestation work. And here's the thing...

Our mentorship babes who've gotten the BIGGEST and most EPIC results? 

They recognized a bolder, more magickal version of THEMSELVES in our brave and unapologetically glittery expression… and somehow knew that hanging out in our sparkly orbit would bring their own inner empowered witch out of hiding and into the spotlight.


If that’s you, it would be our F*CKING HONOR to be your mindset, manifestation, and intuitive witchy mentors in 2023!