Welcome home to your mystical, magickal support system. 💓

Join me as we deepen our relationship with ourselves and our connection to the infinite and mysterious magick of the universe.

Your purpose is to be hot, have fun and experience the incredible beauty and abundance this life has to offer you!

The key to my own spiritual growth and manifesting a life BEYOND my wildest dreams is... my every day life!

It really is true that magick is in the mundane and our day to day creates our reality!

So imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Feel guided and inspired so you're not pursuing your dreams alone.
  • Deepen your connection to the moon and universal forces that are supporting you
  • Learn to trust and lead with your intuition.
  • Create purpose and fulfillment in your life.
  • Create more ritual in your life to ground into what a magickal human you are each and every day
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and clear the pathway to your purpose-driven life
  • Connect to an incredible community of like-hearted witches who are on a similar path as you
  • And, most important of all, tap into a new level of love and belief in yourself to courageously pursue your heart's truest desires.

I understand the journey of discovering who you are and what you want in life is... big, overwhelming and sometimes downright scary!

Call it a spiritual awakening or discovering your inner witch... It can get lonely beginning to see the world in a new way and wondering if your intuition is RIGHT and you really are THAT powerful... (You are!)

Let me ask you this...

  • Do you feel like you're on a spiritual journey and searching for clarity and purpose in your life?
  • Do you feel like you're ready to commit more time and space to ritual and spiritual learning in your daily life so you can begin to live in your purpose?
  • Are you excited to dive into the mindset, energetics, meditation and manifestation to learn to change your reality?
  • Are you ready to tap into a new level of peace, abundance, joy, connection, clarity and FUN in your life?!

The Alchemy Collective was created to help you normalize real magick in your life so you can wake up everyday feeling ALIVE and full of purpose!

You ARE ready and The Alchemy Collective is here to support you!

Your active membership Includes:

- 5 LIVE monthly calls to tap you into your divine purpose and juicy inner power.

What does that look like each month? 

1 Epic Manifestation Masterclass - Warning: These classes are known to cause massive breakthroughs and lead to huge inspired action! 💫 

2 Witchy Coven Meetings focused on harnessing the potent energy of the new & full moon followed by a dreamy guided meditation (bring a candle & your fave crystals!) 🕯️
2 Psychic Circle Gatherings to deepen your intuition. Think: immersive, fun, supportive practice sessions and experiences to connect you to your inner knowing! ðŸ”®

Plus 24/7 Access to...

- 50+ hours of your very own life-changing Witchy Netflix!! aka Masterclasses, Mini Pods, Guided Tapping Videos, Guided Meditations, and SO much more

- A Private Discord space to receive mentorship, share your journey, enjoy accountability and support, and make new witchy like-hearted friends from all around the world!

- BONUS: Basic Witch 101: An Intro to Witchcraft - My famous mini-course for newbies has helped HUNDREDS of witches craft their own unique practice ($55 value!) ⭐️


When are the calls?
Live calls take place on ✨MAGICK MONDAYS âœ¨ between 3-6PM PST. Replays are always available!

What's the commitment?
Stay as long or as little as you like! This is a month-to-month membership. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Are you ready to say YES to the magickal life you know deep down you were made for? 

COME DO LIFE WITH ME! Let's make this our most magickal year yet!

Upgrade Option: The Alchemist Mastermind â¤ï¸‍🔥

This upgrade isn't for everyone... but if it calls to you, you'll know ✨

The Mastermind is for those of you whose hearts light up at the idea of being closer to me in a more personalized experience.

Think: An additional intimate monthly group call where I'm not teaching or leading an immersion, but instead, talking directly with YOU, answering your most pressing questions, and giving you personalized guidance.

One 60-75 minute call per month on a Monday. Replays always available.

I cannot wait to tap into new levels of purpose, power & magick with you!

Join the incredible community for just $44/month.


Access everything plus the monthly Mastermind for $88/month.

$44 - Join the Collective!
$88 - Collective + Mastermind!
$440 - Get 2 months FREE when you join the Collective for a year!
$880 - Get 2 months FREE when you join the Collective + Mastermind for a year!

What alchemists are saying from inside The Alchemy Collective...

$44 - Join the Collective!
$88 - Collective + Mastermind!
$440 - Get 2 months FREE when you join the Collective for a year!
$880 - Get 2 months FREE when you join the Collective + Mastermind for a year!