Welcome to The Alchemy Collective, a sanctuary where the mystical meets the tangible, and transformation is not just a dream—it's your new reality. 

Are you feeling stuck in a mundane cycle, yearning for a life that vibrates with magick and purpose? 

Here, we journey together through the realms of magick and mindset, where each member is both a student of the universe and a teacher of their own truth. 

In this sacred space, we confront the shadows of doubt and the chains of convention, forging connections that transcend the physical and anchor us in a community of like-hearted souls. 

The collective is more than a membership; it's a lifeline for those seeking to break free from the noise, to blend spiritual wisdom with actionable insights, creating a life that resonates with freedom, purpose, and enchantment.

Dive into the heart of The Alchemy Collective, where every tier is a gateway to growth, empowerment, and profound connection.

Do you feel the call of your inner wisdom, but don't know where to start?

As a member, you'll tap into a wellspring of wisdom, drawing from both ancient practices and modern insights to fuel your personal evolution.

Each tier is crafted to meet you where you are on your journey, offering a spectrum of experiences from moon rituals to masterclasses, all designed to elevate your intuition, manifest your desires, and deepen your spiritual practice.

Here, you'll find not just resources, but also resonance—a community that supports your transformation and celebrates your breakthroughs.

Whether you're seeking to awaken your intuitive senses, master the art of manifestation, or integrate magick seamlessly into your daily life, The Alchemy Collective is your compass, guiding you towards a life lived with intention and infused with passion.


Embrace the rhythm of the cosmos with the Coven Tier, where each new and full moon becomes a touchstone for your spiritual journey. Alongside a bonus class that weaves manifestation with magick, you'll have access to an extensive library of witchy masterclasses. This tier is your catalyst for continuous growth, ensuring that with each lunar cycle, you're not just marking time, but making strides in your personal alchemy.

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Unlock the doors to your inner wisdom with the Psychic Circle Tier, featuring 2x monthly intuition development circles that hone your innate intuitive abilities. The same bonus class on manifestation and magick, coupled with a rich library of intuitive masterclasses, provides a foundation for your daily practice. This tier is designed to transform the whispers of your intuition into a clear, guiding voice in your everyday decisions and discoveries.

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The Alchemy Collective Tier is the key to an all-encompassing transformation. It includes everything from the Coven and Psychic Circle Tiers, plus an exclusive scripting manifestation mastermind call every month that elevates your creative power. This tier is for those ready to fully integrate magick and mindset into their lives, manifesting not just moments of insight, but a continuous stream of synchronicity and success.

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